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17 November 2021

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Why Waterproofing Shouldn’t be Ignored By Consumers?

The benefits of waterproofing is not always short-term and but one for long-term.


The benefits of waterproofing are not always visible right away. So it is often ignored.


Waterproofing is an important step for building a house. It can make your house safer and stronger. A good contractor will make sure that the waterproofing is done well on the ground, basement, porch and bathroom. They will also tell you about waterproofing during construction, too.



Yet this is a good situation, but often contractors are not interested in the quality of their work. Today, people are more focused on finishing the job than putting effort into it. So you should not rely blindly on contractors or builders.


As a homeowner, you should know about the process of construction and materials for waterproofing. You don’t need to know every detail, but it is good to have a general idea of major requirements. For waterproofing, use products that will help with every aspect related to water around the house.


If you don’t waterproof your house, water leakage from above flat might get in and affect the structure of your house construction. When you have problems with the house because of water, it is often expensive to fix it. That’s why you should always keep up with waterproofing.


But if you are in that situation, do not blame yourself. It is a much bigger problem than people think. Many homeowners found out that waterproofing was either not done at all, or the materials used were very poor and got old with use. It is also possible that the job was done very poorly and there are cracks which have made it easier for water to get in.



In either situation, the fact remains that you have a house where there are holes and it is not completely waterproof. You must take measures to make the whole house waterproof.


If you are not aware of repairs, it can lead to more problems later. But the Internet has access to information about how houses are built. So if you read up on them, then you will make better choices. Or, better trust Sun Infraa.


How Waterproofing Your House can be beneficial?


1. Gaurd against flood


India has a Monsoon season. Sometimes, your home can get flooded because of heavy rain. If you have waterproofing in a place like an operational drainage system or water-resistant sealant, then you can protect your home from water damage and other costs incurred when repairing the damage.


2. Enhancing Structural Integrity


Moisture can damage your property. It can lead to cracks in the floor and walls, which weaken them. It also makes the wood rot.


Without waterproofing, water can get into the basement. This is because of too much moisture or groundwater pressure. It can make the foundation weak.


3. Protecting Property Damage


Water damp affects property. It can cause spalling and acid damage. Spalling is when the concrete on the surface starts to chip and break apart. This could be a sign of a need for waterproofing.


Rising damp can cause a lot of damage. For example, water can cause spalling and acid damage. Spalling is when the concrete starts to chip and fall apart. This might mean that you need a waterproofing solution immediately.


Acid damage is something that can happen on the walls or floor. It starts to look brown or rust-coloured. This happens when water goes through it and leaves minerals behind. If you have this, the damage will become irreversible over time.


A lot of people get this because the humidity is higher, which causes wood to rot faster than usual and this can lead to sagging floors or collapsed walls.


Further, waterproofing where the walls and floors are will make your house less likely to have problems.



4. Minimises Moisture content


Moisture in the air can make your house feel warmer in the summers. It can cause paper products to deteriorate, metal objects to corrode faster, and generally tarnish your valuables.


To prevent humidity from increasing, you need to waterproof your foundation so that water vapour will not travel upwards on evaporation.


5. Increases Hygiene


Mould will start to grow in your house when water gets in. A basement is a place that is perfect for the growth of mould and mildew because it’s hot and humid.


Mould and mildew may worsen air quality in a house. It can cause problems with your skin, eyes, and lungs. That’s why you should get them cleaned up ASAP.


Dust mites and other bugs breeds in humid spaces. They cause allergies and other infections. It is important to make sure that your home does not become a breeding ground.


6. Escalate Property Value


You can make your house more valuable by waterproofing it. If you also waterproof the inside and outside, then this will be easier to renovate and furnish. It will also protect your house so that it does not need as much maintenance in the future.


This is a good idea for people who want to sell their house because it makes their property more desirable. If you have problems with your basement being wet, then this might lower the value of your home by around 20%.



7. Lower Utility Bills

In the summer, when it is humid, air from the basement will rise up. It will be more expensive to cool this type of air. In the winter, cracks in your foundation can let in cold air even if you have a heater on.


This can be fixed by making sure that your house is waterproofed. If you do that then it can reduce your energy bill (electricity bill) by 10-15%.


8. Reduction in Cost of Insurance Claim


Water damage caused by faulty waterproofing can cause problems like foundation cracks, flooding, and rotted wooden beams. Insurance claims for these problems make up about 20% of all insurance claims. It’s important to protect your home from water damage with things like waterproofing because it will save you money in the long run.




Water does a lot of damage to homes. It can cause health problems too. If you know why waterproofing is needed, then you will have a better idea of how to find the right contractor services providers for your home construction. Remember that it needs to match your home and the weather.


Simple is to fix the leakage and prevent water leakage rich cement and water repellent. And, say bye to your water leakage problem once and for all.

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