What makes a steel door different from a regular door?

Steel doors are made of strong, durable metal that can withstand wear and tear. A steel door has an inner core covered in plastic or polyurethane material with a thin protective layer on top for aesthetics; these sturdy structures make them perfect for industrial settings as well as residential homes!

The chronicle discusses the pros and cons of steel doors for homes.

Characteristics of Steel-framed Doors


  • With their heavy weight, steel main doors cannot be manufactured as solid metal and would quickly wear away on hinges or frames.

  • The skin-on steel door frame design is made from a thickness between 16 and 24 gauge.

  • The core material of steel doors acts as a thermal barrier, which means that it can maintain its temperature more easily than other materials.

  • They provide an excellent level of insulation that is five times better than other synthetic and wooden door materials and are termite-proof.

  • They are an excellent option for any building that needs to protect its interior from intruders. They are installed mainly in spaces leading out into the exterior, but they can also provide security within a building’s own boundaries by being fitted with alarms and other electronic sensors.

  • When they are shipped, they come either with a factory-applied primer that can be painted any color of your choice or as a PVC-colored skin layer that cannot. In this case, it is important to choose what kind you want before making the final purchase because there’s no going back after painting!

  • When purchasing it, it’s important to plan all of the necessary cut-outs before installation.

Benefits of Steel Doors

Steel doors offer the following benefits in buildings:


  • They are a great choice for those who want security and safety. The tough skin makes it hard to penetrate, while also being extremely durable in most cases!

  • The fire rating of these high quality doors is determined by the requirements and standard building codes.

  • They’re weather proof and are perfect for any climate, making them one of the most popular options among homeowners. These strong and durable materials can withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow or rain with ease

  • These safety doors for homes are known for their durability. They can withstand the elements and keep out unwanted visitors, making them perfect assets in any home or business that needs security measures taken against intruders!

Drawbacks of Steel Doors

The major drawbacks of these doors in buildings include:


  • The installation process of steel windows can be difficult, and it’s not uncommon to hear stories about people who have had problems with them.

  • The durability of steel doors is often debated. They are prone to scratches and dents which can be difficult to correct, but they might require repainting or finishing in some cases.

  • The task of cutting out a design for steel doors can be difficult and time-consuming.

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1. Why are steel doors preferred?


A: The durability and security of steel doors make them a great choice for buildings that need to withstand heavy traffic while they’re also easy on your wallet because they can last up to ten years before needing an upgrade or repair!

2. Where Steel doors are mainly installed?


A: The steel doors are installed in areas that lead to the exterior. They can also be used for security inside-to interior spaces if needed!



Steel doors have become an essential component in our home interiors. With their durability and wide range, many interior designers are incorporating it. Consult our designer at Sun Infraa private limited to understand the significance of steel doors and windows in your home.

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