Diwali is an Indian festival is also called as Festival of Lights. We all get together on the same day, even if we are far away from each other. It is a good time for Diwali to start.


We use to celebrate by lighting this Diwali. Here are some Vastu tips for Diwali that might help you do it well.

1. For a clean home


The first step to a happy home is cleanliness. Almost every Indian kid has faced their Mother’s anger before Diwali if they didn’t help her clean.


This is because mothers know that cleaning your house really well removes negative energy and blocked vibes.
It is one of the most important Vastu tips for Diwali from space i.e Keeping all the things with cleanliness.

Make sure you remove spider webs from the deepest corners and don’t forget about your storeroom or kitchen during your Diwali cleaning!


2. Removing Junks from the house


It is best to clean first and then decorate. Clean the house of things that are not good for it. Throw away broken stuff.


Also, get rid of any broken mirrors because Diwali Vastu says that they will bring bad luck to your home and family. This resembles good over evil.


3. Clear the entrance


It is important for the Diwali celebration to have a clean entrance. This is the path those good energies can enter your home. You should clean this area while you also make sure to keep it bright and well lit.


This will emphasize good fortune.


4. Place your things in the right directions


There are directions that have to be followed for different things in your home. The north and northeast zones should be free of clutter during Diwali.


There should also be greenery near the east and north directions. The central zone of your home should be clean and free of clutter. According to Vastu, this will ensure a financial gain.


5. Saltwater spraying method


Spray some saltwater around your house. When you use a spray bottle, make sure you put enough water in it so that the salt can dissolve.


You can also try using sea salt instead of regular table salt. People believe that salt will absorb bad feelings and clean the air inside your house.


Let’s celebrate Diwali with the Vastu principles. In India, most the people follow lunar calendar put rangolis for decorating their homes. Let this Diwali 2021 gives you more happiness and flourish.

Hidden Vastu facts on Diwali


This holiday season, light up your home for happiness and prosperity. Light a lamp in each room of your house in a triumphal arch against the wall.


Burn lamps and wear new clothes during Diwali to invite Lakshmi puja into your life and use that same lighting when you wish to perform Lakshmi Puja at home.


Each direction has its own significance:


East is the direction of energy, so use green lights here for healing and growth. Light red candles if the East-facing wall is bare or unfinished, which brings fame to you.


North is associated with hidden enemies, so light blue candles if this direction faces an empty space which prevents peace in the family. In this case, burn green kitchen waste at the back entrance where North-east meets.


West direction is associated with wealth. So use yellow lights here for material comforts. Light pink or violet candles if this direction faces an empty space which brings financial losses to you. In such cases, burn orange kitchen waste at the front entrance where West-northwest meets.


South direction implies varieties of opportunities and happiness. If this direction faces an empty space that prevents success in your life’s journey.


Light over darkness is the principle that is followed on the day of celebration.


Light red or green candles if this direction makes you feel threatened or restless in any way – a dark corner can bring health problems too.


In these cases burn yellow kitchen waste at your main door where South-southwest meets. Light up blue lamps here for protection from evil forces and also add five-petalled flowers in your entrance.


The right way to light Diyas


Diyas facing south is considered inauspicious. Light them facing north. Clay lamps are used for attraction.
Never light a Diwali diyas with sunflower oil. Light it pure ghee. Diwali means rows of lights and is very auspicious. Light up the house on Diwali and you will find fortunes shining in your life too.


Diwali has a different meaning for Hindus, Jains and Buddhists: Hindu Diwali marks Rama’s victorious return to Ayodhya after rescuing his wife Sita from Ravana’s palace;


Jainism’s Vasupujya Swami attained nirvana at this time, while Buddha gave his first sermon at Savatthi on this day;


The Sikh community celebrates Bandi Chhor Divas.Some of these facts are described in Hindu mythology. The Hindu calendar also mentions some of the facts about the Hindu festival season.


To keep the house clean and decoration is the key factor.


It symbolizes unity and well being in the family. Light up diyas (earthen lamps), coconut shells, clay pots or even small stainless steel bowls filled with water and essential oils to invite prosperity into your home.


Light up flowers like marigold in a bronze bowl which not only beautifies but also spreads fragrance all around.
Keep your main gate open for good luck;


Remember whatever you feel- Light up your home using natural elements to welcome positive energies. Use earthen lamps, traditional oil lamps, floating candles or flameless lights instead of electric bulbs.


Using any one colour is advisable during the Diwali festival because the house should be taken care of while entering or exiting out our house.

Do’s and Dont’s in Vastu shastra for Diwali day:



Make sure the door in your house is new or repaired.


Clean idols and photos of deities with a new, clean cloth. If you follow all the Vastu principles, this will be the best Diwali thing ever.


Dont’s :

The door should not make any sound. You cannot put symbols like the Swastika, Om or rangoli decorations on the south or west walls.


Do not give your friends and family antique items.


Try to avoid drawing rangolis with Lakshmi the goddess ( goddess of wealth) or Lord Ganesha on the doorstep.

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