Tips for management of labour effectively

Good labour management of the construction workers helps finish projects on time and within the budget. It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of construction projects fail to reach the handover phase within the budget, and labor inefficiencies at the construction site play a big role in this.


Nearly 40% of the total cost of building construction work goes to the workers who build it. That is why good construction workforce management is so important for a project manager. It can help keep the project on track and make sure it is profitable.


A project manager should know that the construction workforce is essential to a company. The workers play a crucial role in the project and need to be managed well so they are productive and feel valued.


Good collaboration and communication are crucial to managing a construction workforce. Technology can help with this process, saving time and costs for any company who uses it in their business operations!


Given below are a few insights on managing your workforce effectively


1. Effective communication is a must


Different groups of workers who are specialized in different areas need to communicate with each other well for the construction project to go smoothly. If they all talk to each other and work together, then any mistakes can be fixed quickly before they cause bigger problems and ensures the project won’t be delayed.


2. Leverage Technology


Construction work requires a lot of paperwork. You need to do paperwork every day, including reports, estimates, and billing.

You also need to follow the code for inspections. Using computers can help you do your paperwork faster and more accurately which can save you time and money.


3. Good Time Management


Good time management is important for running a construction project smoothly. If workers have to wait too long to start working, it can slow down the whole project and increase costs. Establishing a good time management system can help workers be more productive.


There are different ways to improve time management. One way is to set and stick to timelines, organize your workflow, and procure materials in advance. However, you need to leave some room for unexpected scenarios.


Another way to improve time management is to have the labor accommodation built on or close to the construction site. This allows the laborers to start working on time and even work extra hours if needed.


Sometimes, construction materials arrive at night. This is good for the project because the laborers can unload the materials. If the workers are reluctant to work overtime, the project manager should motivate them by giving them more hours to work.


4. Inspire the workforce


If a project manager can motivate the construction workers, they will work harder and be more productive while some workers often find excuses not to do their work on time. However, if the project manager motivates them occasionally, they will be more likely to give their best effort.


The first step to motivating the construction workforce is getting to know the workers. People have different goals in life, based on their experiences, needs, and expectations, the project manager should know that workers do not think the same way as him/her.


For example, some workers may want personal growth and be willing to work extra hours for money while others may care more about their friends and family and not want to work too much.


The construction manager’s job is to to help workers achieve their goals. If the project manager is not doing a good job, the workers might not be motivated. The project manager can help motivate the workers by behaving in a way that does not demotivate them and by making good decisions.


Workers can be motivated for personal reasons, not for the project manager’s vision or goal. Workers will not always follow the project manager’s instructions if there is confusion, no integrity, lack of trust, no accountability, and no consequences. Happy and well-paid workers would perform better.


People are happier when they are motivated. Leaders can motivate laborers with inspirational leadership, clear communication, and step-by-step guidance. Make sure your worker knows what to do and what is expected within a specific time frame.


There are many ways to motivate the workforce. One way is to give regular recognition, rewards, and praise.


If workers feel appreciated for their efforts, they will work harder. Another way to motivate the workforce is to make sure that their health and personal goals are taken care of. This will show that you care about them as individuals.


5. Analyzing workforce data


Collecting data on construction workers and analyzing their productivity would help project managers improve and increase productivity. These data will give a clear picture on improving that efficiency is all right in its place


6. Sign up skilled workers


Make sure you have workers who can do the job right and follow the standards. This will help make sure everything is done right and it will also save time and money.


7. Handling disputes


The construction site disputes should be handled well. If they are not, the workers will lose motivation and proper communication will be lost. The project manager should realize that the construction staff is his or her most valuable asset and should be approachable, easy to talk to, and actively listen to the workers having any concerns or suggestions.


The project manager should be able to help the team stay calm and work correctly. They should also be a leader, training their staff and giving them new skills. If there are problems on the construction site, the project manager may need to change the contract.


8. Understand workers’ capacity


It is important to schedule work hours so that laborers are not too tired, and if they are tired, they will not do their best work which makes them do mistakes ,If you work them too much without enough rest, they will not be able to think as well or work as fast.


9. Managing logistics properly


If the construction site’s workflow is disrupted and delayed, establish standards for delivery and handling of materials. This will make sure that the workers don’t have to wait a long time before starting their work, which would cause frustration among them and delay in construction work. So it is the project manager’s responsibility to deliver the right quantity of materials at the right time to the construction site.


10. Supervise the workforce


When new workers join a project, they should be familiar with the plans and the project timeline. They may not be able to do their job as well as other workers right away, so there should be some room for adjustment. Adding a new member to an existing team can disrupt teamwork, so it is important that new members are introduced to the team and that they can do their job.


Having more workers than you need can cause problems and too many people can cause disruptions and make people unhappy which might make them not come to work.




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