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06 January 2022

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Optimal strategies for corporate office

Are you ready to buy a new office? When you are constructing your office design for a Class A office, it is important to think about the size of the office space. It will be different for everyone, but make sure that it has enough room for what you need. The design and layout of your office will depend on these decisions too.


Here you will understand how to effectively plan to construct your office


1. Establish a layout


Office space planning depends on your work style. You can have an office with walls where people are behind the walls or not. Or you can have an open space where people are all in one room.


A mix of these is called a hybrid because it has both offices and open spaces. Careful consideration of material cost is crucial.


The layout of your business space planning will affect how much space you need. For example, an office where employees all have private offices will need more space than one where they work in the same room.


2. Influencing Factors


The office environment needs a floor plan that is good for their needs. It will depend on things like:


Day-to-day-use: Consider what you are going to do in the space. Make sure that the office building floor plan will allow for it. It could be meetings or clients. Consider things like storage, number of people per day, and so on.
Industry: In an office, there are some standards. They include business needs and space planning. For example, law firms will have more offices and meeting rooms. They will also have a big lobby with nice things to make good first impressions.

Business growth: When you want your business to grow, you need a floor plan that will let more employees work. If each employee needs their own office, do not use all the offices on your floorplan. Leave some unused when you need them.


3. Calculating Office Space


After you have decided on how many rooms you want, Natural light makes employees happy and it helps them work, there are some other things to think about before you calculate the size of your office interiors.


Modern Office

A. Nature of Work


You need to decide what work space you want. Think about the day-to-day activities that people will do in the space. If most people are out meeting clients, then it is okay if the office is not too big. But if all of the employees work inside and meet with many clients, make sure there is enough room for everyone who works in this office and also enough room for visitors.


There are many things to think about when you are building an office most importantly office layout and work environment. Do people spend a lot of time at a desk?


If they do, do they need lots of space for paperwork and files? Do people need to be able to see each other? What about phone calls?


B. Exclusive Considerations


Different employees need different amounts of space. For example, some manage people and they would need more office area to do it.


Whereas junior employees might not need much physical space. It is not a good idea to give each employee the same amount of space. That will make your office too small.


C. How many people are in the building on a daily basis?


It is important to think about how many people are inside the building. That is hard to know, though. You need to know both the people who work there and those who don’t.


It is also important to think about fire safety. You should follow some rules. Occupancy of a room or building is how many people can go in the space.


The maximum occupancy is the number of people you can fit in your space. It depends on how many exits there are and what happens in the space.


D. Ergonomics and Safety


Every worker should have enough space to complete his job. This means that the work should be safe and the worker will feel comfortable. To do this, you need to consider things like how much space there is for a person to work and whether they can move around such as


♢ Reach & Sequence use: It is important to have the right tools to help you do your job. They should be in the order of how often they are used.


♢ Movement: The employee needs space to work and move.


♢ Communication needs: You should have enough space to reach your phone, headset, or another communication device.


♢ Working Height: For equipment and activities, they need to be at a height that allows people to see and use them.


E. Necessary workspace guidelines & requirements


Calculate the size of desks for each employee. Then find out how much space is needed for everyone. Make sure to think about all the things we talked about in this post so that you don’t have too much or too little space. Below are some estimates for the space you will need. These numbers are only a guide. You might need more or less space depending on what we have talked about.


Private Offices

Executive (President/CEO, Vice President) — A space of 200-400 square feet is required
Managerial level — 150-250 square feet
Other — 90-150 square feet


Cubicle workspaces

You will need between 125 and 175 square feet of space depending on your job duties.


Open space workstations

The average is 60-110 square feet per person. But the roles that do a lot of paperwork, like data entry or accountants, might need up to 125 square feet.


Group spaces and meeting areas

Reception area or lobby: You need 100 to 200 square feet of space for one person. Plus 10 more square feet for each additional person.

Conference room: In a room, you need 50 square feet of space for the first person. Then for each person you add, you need 25 more.

Workroom: 125 square feet

Lunch room/kitchen: You need 75 square feet for each person to start with. Plus 25 square feet for each person who is sitting in the room.

Other types of office spaces:

Storage room — 200 square feet

Mail room — Minimum space of 125-200 square feet is a must.

Halls and corridors — The usable space of an office is 20% to 30%.




When you are deciding how big your office should be, there are many things to think about. You may need an expert’s help. If you work with a construction professional, they will make sure that all safety regulations are met and the office space is perfect for your needs.


At Sun Infraa we have completed 1000+ projects. We are still hungry and more. We have a team that can help your office become your dream office.

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