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06 January 2022

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Best techniques for your dream house designing


Designing your own home is a great opportunity. You can create a space that is perfect for you and your preferences. But how do you start? How do you plan to describe your dream house design?


How should you plan it out? Don’t worry, we will show you some steps to take to turn your vision into plans that an architect or builder will understand.

 How do you design a home?


An architect is someone who helps you design your house. They know about what can be done in a house, and they know how to make it look nice. They can warn you about pitfalls in your design. They might know something that you don’t.


For example, they can tell you if a design feature will increase or decrease the resale value of your home. The design is still yours, and the architect is there to help make it happen! Precise home plans are the key to building your ideal house.


 If you have an architect, they will help you design the perfect house. If not, then follow these steps.


house plans for your dream home design


1.Plan your budget

This is the part of designing a home that is not fun. You have to do it. This will affect every other decision you make. Custom design for your home can get expensive very quickly if you are not careful.


When you are designing your house, be careful about the design process, how much money you spend on things that are not necessary or will take too long to build. You will also need to budget for these expenses:


  • Site work

  • Inspections

  • Foundation

  • Framing

  • Building permit fees

  • Interior and exterior finishes

  • Electric, plumbing, HVAC

  • Driveway

2. Decide the location


Careful choosing of real estate is the first step in terms of figuring out where you want your house before you start designing it. A simple new home design should keep in mind of the things that are around the house will affect how the inside of it looks. For example, some sides of the house will get more light than others.


You have to think about this when you are planning on putting each room in the right place on the floor plan while making enough room for your home decoration. Make sure to find out the laws about building homes in your area.


Trees and hedges provide shade and protect people from the wind. But trees will grow taller to block more sun. You don’t want to take away the trees, because they could block your house’s sunlight. Hills on the lot can make it hard to get rid of water run-off, so you may need a sewage pump if you are at the top of a hill.


If you live at the bottom of a hill, water might be coming towards your foundation. There might be a problem. Access to your future home can be affected by hills or long driveways. It might cost you more money to upgrade or build on these areas.


Think about what you want to see when you drink your coffee in the morning.

 3. Home should reflect your lifestyle


While you design your perfect home you should think about what you want it to look like. Include things like your kitchen and bedrooms, but also think about space for relaxing and storage too.


For example, do you need a closet in the bedroom or can you put all of your clothes in one closet at the back of the house?


Does anyone work from home? You should think about what you want in your new house. Make a list of the rooms and features that you would like to have.


Make notes about each room similar to writing your dream house essay, like the size, if it needs to be connected to another room (like the master bedroom), if it needs natural light or not, or what type of furniture will go in the room.


 4. Pick a theme


You should have an idea of the style you want before you buy your custom home. You can buy one that is more traditional or modern. A more traditional house will have tall, pointed roofs with gables and be made of brick, wood, stucco, or stone.

It will also have small windows and rich colors. Most modern houses tend to have a design made of materials like steel and concrete which may also include large windows and clean lines.


There are many kinds of homes. Some people like to live in a modern home, but some might want to live in a traditional house. Have you thought about what house you want with a kitchen garden?


5. Write your thoughts on paper to communicate with the architect

If you’re working with an architect, make sure that they know what you want. Tell them your requirements for the space. This will help them build your perfect house. Include the following in your design brief:


A description of the home’s function and purpose The size of each room Amenities desired in each room Materials and aesthetic preferences Budget constraints

Home Design

Fill out the following information:


♢ Budget & Time frame

You need to tell the architect how much money you have for your project. Also, you need to know how much time they will spend on it. If you are not sure, just guess and talk with the architect about it when they finish the brief.


♢ Lifestyle

Describe how you use your home. Write down anything you need for your daily routine. For many people, a home is the most valuable thing they own. So you should think about what type of house you want before you start looking for one. Some people want a house that is just for living and doesn’t need much space. Other people might want a big kitchen so they can cook or play games with their kids, or maybe even both! It’s also important to think about how many cars you will have because some houses don’t have garages and won’t be able to fit them all. If you have anything you like or dislike about your house, put it in the lifestyle description.


♢ Room Requirement

List the rooms in your house. Thought about which direction you want the living room windows to face? How big should your kitchen be? If you have a bathroom attached to the master bedroom, do you want another one in the house? List your wishes from top priority to lowest. The architect will start with what is most important and work his way down.


♢ Style choices

You will need to make some decisions about the style of your house. You can choose a brick or timber frame.


♢ Pictures

You can use pictures to show people your ideas for your home. If you are designing a room, find pictures of what you want the room to look like.


♢ Floor plan

An architect can make plans for your home. But if you want more control, you can also make your own floor plans. It is still a good idea to work with an architect — they may have suggestions to make your design more realistic or comfortable to live in. The architect will know about the local rules and the housing market, and they will help you with any final changes that need to be made.


6. Devise your floor plan

You can create floor plans for architects or builders. You can either use one of two methods to do it.


Plan a: Draw by Hand

To draw a floor plan for your architect, you can use a pencil and paper. A quick sketch will also help the architect understand your requirements. However, if you do not have experience drawing with pencil and paper (or the time to do it right), then your drawing will likely be imprecise. You might not be able to see if there is space for antique furniture in the living room that you drew or an extra closet in the master bedroom.


Plan b: You can use home design software that will help you plan your house. It will make the perfect outline for you that has all measurements. It is easy to use. You can place 3D furniture wherever you want in the software, and see what it looks like in your home wherever you are sitting or standing.


You can make changes to your designs by editing the size and shape of walls, doorways, and windows. This is an immaculate thing you can do with home design software. You can create 3D renders that look like real photos. These are useful when you want to show your ideas to an architect. It is also fun to use this feature!


Designing a home is fun and easy. First, you should draw up your floor plan. You can use home design software to do this or you can also create the plan on your own with thousands of pre-modelled products.


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