Bathroom Construction Guide


Many bathrooms are considered to be the most of the house that customers personalize, primarily for this purpose of functionality and comfort. Although many facilities have seen a lot of change within the past ten years, some aspects still focus on good design. This article looks at a few ways in which a bathroom can be designed elegantly.


One of the first considerations of bathroom design is whether to make it a wet area or not. If you do, you will need to thoroughly waterproof the entire floor and walls before starting. This can be achieved by using water-resistant paints and then sealing them with varnishes. Any joints in the wall should be carefully taped as well.


Electrical appliances also need to be waterproof, as well as all lighting. In addition, if any cables are exposed, they must be properly sealed as well. The floor should only have a proper subfloor installed for easy movement of furniture and appliances.


Once the structure is finished there’s still a fair amount of work left to do with regards to bathroom design. There are a few key elements to consider: lighting, storage, and decoration. Lighting should be well-planned; both for task lighting and general interior illumination.


Shower and bathtub showers need dedicated shower heads (not necessarily expensive) and the room’s main light should not take away from the mood created by other lights in the bathroom design.






Bathroom building codes


Most bathrooms are designed to meet the Bathroom Building Codes that have been established in different locations. Bathroom codes may change from state to state and from country to country, depending on factors such as climate, general population density, local building materials used, and potential for natural disasters.


The Bathroom Building Code requires a number of considerations when designing a bathroom, including the size of the bathroom, the type of door available (sliding doors are preferred), and other features.


Bathrooms should be located near bedrooms in homes to allow for late-night use without disturbing others; for this reason, bathrooms are also often placed close to kitchens where water is usually needed. Bathrooms should also have plenty of storage space for towels and cleaning items.



Luxury bathroom in the french style in the house. bathroom interior.



Bathroom design modules:


Bathroom design can be affected by local climate; for example, in places with damp weather such as the United Kingdom, bathrooms need to take this into account and should feature appropriate ventilation.


Bathrooms adjacent to outdoor spaces like pools or garden areas can also have a special ventilation system installed to prevent mould formation.


In countries with a warm climate, bathrooms are often built with a separate room for bathing and a showerhead.


Bathrooms intended for multiple users at the same time should be larger than normal so as to accommodate more than one person at a time.


Bathrooms can also be designed with slightly different floor plans for men and women, but the size of the two sections needs to be the same; local Bathroom Building Codes dictate how much space should be allocated to either gender.


Bathrooms built in areas that are subject to landslides or earthquakes require special features like reinforced bathroom walls, extra-sturdy doorways, and possibly even a specialized metal door. Bathrooms should be built in conjunction with other structures so that water or sewage systems can be connected to the local plumbing system.


Bathroom cost Construction Codes also dictate whether bathtubs, sinks and toilets need to be sealed off to prevent contamination of neighbouring apartments.



Settle in style


Once the homeowners have made their decision on what kind of bathroom they would like, the next thing they do is to contact the contractors of choice.


Normally, these contractors will be ones that already had a successful venture with other clients in the same city or region; thus having some sort of experience with attending to one’s needs.


The contractors and their representatives will take measurements and blueprint of the space it will occupy. They will also want photos of other bathroom designs that they liked in order to come up with a similar model for these particular clients.


How to make a bathroom with a good idea?


Once the bathroom/washroom is designed, it will be completed in three months depending on one’s needs. It can be done even faster if one has their own materials and workers; however, this option will cost more money as the labour cost will be the same.


The bathroom/washroom should already have a toilet, a sink, and a shower with a bathtub as these are standard government-issued fixtures for all bathrooms/washrooms. The other things that can go inside include cabinets to store away soap and cleaning supplies, shelves for towels and other items, towel racks, etc.


One should also be mindful of proper ventilation as the bathroom/washroom is the room where all sorts of chemicals are used for cleaning. One can install an extractor fan to keep air circulating if it is not too expensive; however one might need the help of a specialist to make sure that everything will work properly until its expected lifespan.


Complete bathroom remodel has made from the floor to ceiling in small space will have cost varies. It will be a great addition to one’s home as this will be a place that they can clean up after a hard day’s work or use to take baths and wash away all of their worries in a relaxing manner.




1. What are the modular bathroom prices in India?


The estimated cost of renovation /bathroom renovation for a 7×4 bathroom with a toilet and other parts is Rs. 40,000-50,000. This price includes bathroom fittings and other things like tiles and labour costs.


2. List out the types of modular bathroom design in India?


There are three types of modular bathroom designs.
a) Master Bathroom b) Secondary bathroom c) Powder room or half bathroom.


3. What is the average bathroom construction cost?


If you have 10,000 Indian Rupees (INR) to spend on renovating your bathroom then you can buy tiles that are branded or normal.


4. What is the shower fitting price in India?


For Circular minimum price is Rs 49/Piece and the maximum price is Rs 990/Piece
For the rectangular minimum price is Rs 160/Piece maximum price is Rs 45000/Piece
For Square, the minimum price is Rs 45/Piece maximum price is Rs 1050/Piece

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