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25 November 2021

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Complete guide for your Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen is a wonderful blend of modern technology and art. It’s the perfect and trendiest way to stay updated with the latest trends and styles while saving your time

and money in maintaining them.


Here are 5 easy steps to design your own modular kitchen plan:


STEP 1:Easy simple kitchen design


There are many shapes for kitchens. One is an L-shaped and U-shape kitchen model. There are so many shapes in which you can plan your modular kitchen that making a choice gets difficult sometimes.


Draw out different layouts of the kitchen, taking their pros and cons into consideration, and then finalise one of them.


STEP 2:Select the Kitchen Commodities


Now that you have planned your kitchen layout ideas, it’s time for you to choose the modules that would go on those particular places in your kitchen using a pencil and paper. It’s important to first draw out each module on paper before buying it.


You can then shortlist these modules on basis of factors like material used and technology implemented in manufacturing them and make a purchase accordingly. A few standard modules found in most modular white kitchens are as follows: Sink Module, Countertop Module, Oven/Microwave Module, Refrigerator Module and Dishwasher Module.


STEP 3: Select the Material for Your Kitchen


Quality material is a basic requirement when it comes to modular kitchens. You need to make sure that the material used is of good quality and lasts longer without getting damaged easily or wearing out quickly.


A few quality materials you can go in for are stainless steel, brass, silver colour with mirror finish and ceramic tiles on countertops etc… But then there are times when colour options play a more important role than just durability.


You can choose from different colours like red, grey or black before making your final purchase based on factors like cost-effectiveness and of material in the market.


STEP 4: How to make a modular kitchen


Now that you have selected your material, it’s time to choose the right countertop for your modern kitchen. It’s important that not only are you able to select one that perfectly fits into its place but also ensures maximum utilisation of small space.


You may want to consider options like glass countertops, stone countertops, solid surface materials etc. But while opting for one make sure it is easy to maintain and long-lasting at the same time. A few more advantages of modular kitchens include having an option of adding on some extra features at a later date.


For example by installing a dishwasher in an existing sink module or maybe putting up a hood over your cooking range later on.


STEP 5: Decide Upon the Kitchen Appliances You Need


A modular kitchen cabinet comes with a lot of small appliances that are really useful for your daily cooking needs, but you have to select them very carefully. For example, there is no use buying an oven if you do not cook much or an expensive dishwasher if your utensils are few in number.


Space-saving and money-saving are very important. You should also think about how easy it is to fix the appliance and what the warranty on it is before buying it.


Pre-requisites about new modular kitchen design


Prefabricated kitchens are made in a factory and then sent to your home. The kitchen design is planned before it is made.

Modular Kitchen

It’s just like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and once complete, there you have your ready-to-use modular kitchen!


This type of installation is cheaper and faster than other types. This does not include tearing down walls or upgrading windows for modular kitchen work surfaces.


When you plan to take up a shaped modular kitchen layout plan, keep in mind factors such as the size of the kitchen space available for installing a new kitchen. Although prefabricated kitchens can be custom-made for any size of kitchen layout, the price involved in its installation is definitely proportional to the extent of customization.


There are two ways to get a kitchen. You can either buy it already made by designers or you can just buy one that is already made. The first one will cost more money, but the second one might be cheaper.


There are many design options available when it comes to new modular island kitchen designs, it’s always advisable to choose neutral colour tones which blend well with the existing décor of your house.


Quality material used in its construction is another important aspect that ought to be given due consideration while selecting a new modular kitchen. As far as technology goes, today’s modern appliances use of energy-efficient coating materials and textured finishes is a good choice.


Modular kitchen design the entire kitchen remains the same design from exterior to interior design, with no difference in style of cabinet fronts, doors and drawers. Additionally, they also come pre-installed with counterparts and wall cabinets which can be used as they are or even changed after installation, depending on available space and your preference.


The ease of keeping them clean-only a damp cloth is required for cleaning off dirt – adds to their advantage over other remodelling kitchen options.


In fact, one does not require any special tools or experience to install these prefabricated kitchens. The dealership from where you have purchased it would do everything from unpacking to installing the kitchen floor plan.


A modular kitchen is also economical as it comes pre-assembled with all its fittings and appliances that require only minor assembly like tabletops and installing shelves.


Additional costs such as those for material, labour and shipping and handling charges needed to be paid on top of the actual price of prefabricated kitchens by home décor. Quality assurance by manufacturers is also necessary in order to avoid any unnecessary delays or installation issues.

Modular Kitchen

However, this drawback can be eliminated by opting for a reliable dealer who guarantees complete customer satisfaction!


When you are looking for a kitchen, there are many different brands to choose from. But before you decide which one, look at the living room because it has things like materials and methods that may matter to you.


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