8 Surprising Interior Design Trends

The interior design landscape is changing fast. With the rise of new technologies and trends, many familiar faces are being left behind by time as we enter into an era where anything could be possible! In this chronicle, you’ll find out what 8 common areas for homes will dominate in 2022.  The future of interior design is going to be shaped by 8 surprising trends. The grand millennial trend will be a modern revival of homey design elements that you might find.

1. There will be a huge demand for Grand millennial Style


The grand millennial trend will be a modern revival of homey design elements that you might find in your grandparents’ homes. This style is meant to evoke comfort, nostalgia, and tradition with floral wallpaper, antique paintings crocheted throws, or vintage touches incorporating whimsical flair; this certainly seems like one worth watching for 2022!


2. Rustic Ceramics will see a huge popularity


Most people may prefer a more rustic look for their home, which can be achieved by using handmade tiles. This type of decoration is often seen in the barn or farmhouse-style homes because it has an authentic feel to them; however, you could also use this technique in your own space if desired! The colors would not have any uniformity between each tile unlike smooth-backed ones do but instead, there will probably arise from a natural variation such as Moroccan zellige design elements within individual pieces



3. Peel and Stick Wallpaper will see a revival


Peeling and sticking wallpaper is a great alternative to traditional methods of room decoration for those who want an easy, low-commitment way to spice up their home. With endless possibilities available it’s hard not to be creative with this new trend!



4. Green cabinets will dominate the kitchen


There is a new color trend to try in your kitchen this year – green cabinets! The shade of greenery has been making its way onto counters and appliances around town as people are looking for something different from what’s typically seen. Green works both with cool or warm palettes, depending on how much blue there was original during production. Pairing these shades together can help highlight grey veining found within marble surfaces like Carrara Marble byumanite.


Living Room

5. Plaster Walls will see a resurgence


Drywall may be the quicker option, but plaster is making a comeback. To explore this trend without ripping out your walls we recommend coating them with a thin layer of raw pigment that will give you some insight into how historic homes have been preserved through time!



6. There will be a rebound of fuss freestyle design


The industrial style is an interior design that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It incorporates elements such as exposed stonework, high ceilings, and wood or metal furniture to give your space the perfect balance between modernity and tradition while also making it functional for living spaces!

This fuss-free trend may become increasingly popular by 2022 since people continue spending more time at home thanks largely to its simplicity which allows them not only to enjoy their property but be comfortable there too



7. Wicker and rattan furniture is all the rage right now.


In 2022, woven furniture styles will be popular. Rattan and wicker details are on their way in with these natural materials adding warmth to home decor- palm stems make for lightweight pieces that can work indoors or outdoors while Willow twigs create an elegant appeal when crafted into beautiful furnishings!

avinas architecture

8. Natural fabrics will make a huge comeback


The use of natural and recycled textiles is becoming more popular in the home as we become increasingly aware of environmental issues. Our research shows that these fabrics, such as organic cotton or low-impact linen can be prime candidates for 2022 trends because they’re both sustainable materials with a minimal impact on our planet’s resources.

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