Anugraha's Architecture

M/S.Anugraha – Restaurant

Commercial Architecture at  Chennai

Our Scope of Work

InteriorSpace Planning, Conceptual Sketching, Lighting Design, Detailed Working Drawings, Electrical and plumbing drawing, Ceiling Designs,  Colour Scheme
StyleContemporary Architecture
Interior DecorExclusive Craftwork
Furniture DesignPlanning Interiors, Spatial Areas
Client PrioritiesEco-friendly design, Visual Aesthetics, Daylighting, Natural Ventilation, Budget Adherance
Sub TypologyRestaurant
Area2700 Sq. Ft.

This restaurant has a contemporary style architecture of 4500 sq ft. The design includes sustainable features such as open clusters and pathways that are made out wooden planks, which can be separated by individual tables for your convenience! This place has 50 seating capacity. This restaurant is constructed with eco-friendly materials which makes this building more energy efficient. Clients of this building were environmental concious hence it has a low carbon footprint therefore maintaining this building is convenient.

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