KVs Centenary School's Construction

M/S.KVS Centenary -School Building, Virudhunagar

Residential Architecture at  Chennai

Our Scope of Work

InteriorSpace Planning, Conceptual Sketching, Lighting Design, Detailed Working Drawings, Electrical and plumbing drawing, Ceiling Designs,Colour Scheme
Style Contemporary Architecture
Interior DecorAesthetic Kitchen Island Design, Staircase Design with Elegance of Glass and Marble
Furniture DesignPlanning Interiors, Spatial Areas,Sleek Design, PVD finish Jaali Partitions, hollow design metal screen partition
Client PrioritiesImported Upholstery finished in bedroom, Visual Aesthetics, Korean boards with geometric cuts
Sub TypologyIndividual Villa
Area6000 Sq. ft.

This building is a grand contemporary-style building with an area of 22,000 sq. ft. It is located in Virudhunagar and it has a lot of different geometric shapes and structures that make it unique.

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